Magenta – Urban

If you live in a populated area, an apartment building or need a mobile solution, the Urban Plan will often exceed your expectations!

50 GB $99.99/mo
300 GB $129.99/mo
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Red – Elite

The Red Elite Plan is perfect for both Rural and Urban homes. Never get disconnected with the largest carrier nationwide! Our team will help determine which plan is best for you!

50 GB $99.99/mo
200 GB $129.99/mo
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Blue – Rural

For those of you who live off the grid or are traveling often, the Rural Plan will cover more of the nation than our Urban Plan!

50 GB $99.99/mo
300 GB $129.99/mo
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GotW3 LTE200 4G-LTE Wireless N Router – $299.97

Our GotW3 proprietary units will enable you quick and easy access to our 4G LTE wireless network! The LTE200 4G-LTE Wireless N Router is the base router provided with both our wireless plans – Urban and Rural and is rated up to 300 Mbps! It functions portably and has 1 on-board Ethernet Out port.

* All plan fees are per month. These plans are only available with the gotW3 LTE-200 Router. Router must be purchased separately from an authorized gotW3 retailer. Prices do not include a $2.99 regulatory/administrative fee. New plans as of March 1st include Router Protection.

Router Protection Plan Included With New Purchase!

We get it – accidents happen and, on occasion, routers fail. That’s why all new gotW3 4G/LTE plans include our Router Protection Plan – a $4.99/month value! In addition to the manufacturer warranty for 90 days from the date of purchase, our service includes 24/7 protection.

If your router stops working, simply complete an online claim form and a Gotw3 representative will call you within 24 hours. Same-day shipment of a new, replacement router will be sent to you along with a Return Shipping Label to send the old router back to gotW3 via UPS.

*There is a claim limit of (1) router replacement per year with a $29.99 deductible. If your old router is not received within two weeks of the arrival of the replacement router, a charge of $199.99 will be charged to your credit card on file.

Get Lighting Fast 4G LTE Internet!

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GotW3 Home 4G LTE High-Speed Internet

With a GotW3 plan, you can have high speed wireless internet at home or on the go. Through our 4G LTE network, you can have fast, reliable home WiFi whether you live in the country or in the city. Even if you’re traveling, our portable routers will enable you to take your wireless network with you wherever you go.

Get started by choosing the plan and modem that works best for your home. After purchase, we will ship out your activated modem and you simply turn it on and go! There are no contracts or credit checks with GotW3 – just easy to set up high-speed internet!

High-Speed Wireless Internet Plan for Rural Homes

If you live in the country, off-the-grid or just travel frequently, then our Rural Plan is for you! With nationwide availability, this plan is perfect for those who currently have limited, low-quality internet options. With GotW3 you can get set up quickly and instantly start doing more of the things you love to do online with more data, fast internet speeds, and an ultra-low ping rate.

The Rural Plan starts at just $99.99 per month plus a one-time modem purchase.

Portable 4G LTE Internet Plan for City Residents

For city life, our Urban Plan will be the perfect fit. This wireless internet plan is well-suited for populated areas, apartment buildings, or anyone needing a mobile solution for city living. Starting at just $99.99 per month plus a one-time modem purchase, the Urban Plan from GotW3 will surpass your expectations!


Cindy S.

Brownsville, OR

I’ve been in the country for like all 24 years of my life, I’ve NEVER got to experience Netflix or internet like this!

Maureen & Gregory D.

Dublin, TX

Works great, great speeds, easy to use. For rural locations and mobility it’s a great option. Worth it in the long run.

Get Lighting Fast 4G LTE Internet!

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More Data + No Contracts

With GotW3, you’ll get 250 GB of high-speed LTE data to do more of the things you love online like stream movies, connect, and more – all while not being locked into a contract!

Lightning Fast 4G Speeds

Satellite, dial-up, and slow DSL are no match for GotW3’s lighting-fast speeds. Watch your favorite shows without buffering and search the web faster like never before!

Nationwide Rural + City Options

Powered by cell towers, GotW3 can offer two great plans nationwide that are built perfectly for both rural and urban customers. Also, unlike other providers, your service is plug-and-play so it can go on the road with you!

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