Nationwide High Speed Internet

Expansive 4G LTE Coverage Across the US

Utilizing partnerships from the nation’s top wireless providers, GotW3 offers thoroughly reliable 4G LTE wireless coverage that spans the country with network speeds up to 70mbps! With our routers and optional signal boosters, you can have lightning fast internet speed and rock solid connection stability for city life, rural living, or even while traveling. And with our ultra-low lag and unlimited data, GotW3 beats satellite internet hands down for wireless internet nationwide!

Speedy and Steady Internet for Any Home

Not only does our 4G LTE network have far-reaching nationwide coverage, but we have wireless plans suited to whatever your living situation is. The Urban Plan fits the city life of anyone in an apartment building or commuting to work, while the Rural Plan is perfect for somebody living more remotely or traveling more frequently. Even if you live “off the grid”, the Rural Plan will suit you, as it covers more of the country than any other GotW3 plan.

Network Signal Boosters

If you live in a remote area or experience weak signal due to distance or dense building materials in your home or business, consider an external antenna or signal booster. You can use these to amplify the signal to your router, providing you with an even stronger, more reliable signal for an optimal internet experience!

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Cindy S.

Brownsville, OR

I’ve been in the country for like all 24 years of my life, I’ve NEVER got to experience Netflix or internet like this!

Maureen & Gregory D.

Dublin, TX

Works great, great speeds, easy to use. For rural locations and mobility it’s a great option. Worth it in the long run.

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