More Than a Hotspot, More Than a Modem

With GotW3 internet, you can have high speed wireless your way! Whether you live in the city, if you live in a remote area or if you frequently travel, you can have fast, reliable internet wherever you are. Live and work how you want while maintaining the access you need!

How GotW3 Works

GotW3 is a wireless internet solution that provides great access for rural areas, in addition to cities and suburbs. All you need is a router, an active SIM card and a power supply and you’ll have high speed 4G LTE network access for up to 25 devices on your wireless network.

A home wireless network with 4G LTE has major advantages when compared to satellite or slow DSL internet. The network uses local cell towers, so users experience much less lag due to faster ping speed than satellite internet. This is especially important with uses that require quicker response time like online working from home or video conferencing. Also, since connections don’t require a satellite dish or phone lines, setup is fast and easy.

High Speed Internet Your Way

Not only do you get 4G LTE internet at home or on the go with GotW3, but you get more monthly data and less lag than satellite networks, no overages – and no contracts or credit checks. Whether you’re streaming Netflix, shopping online, checking social media or working from home, GotW3 gives you freedom of mobility with the speed and security of the best in modern wireless internet, even in the most remote areas!

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Cindy S.

Brownsville, OR

I’ve been in the country for like all 24 years of my life, I’ve NEVER got to experience Netflix or internet like this!

Maureen & Gregory D.

Dublin, TX

Works great, great speeds, easy to use. For rural locations and mobility it’s a great option. Worth it in the long run.

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