Take Your Internet Everywhere

With a GotW3 wireless router, you can take high speed 4G LTE coverage with you anywhere – in the city, in the country, or on-the-go. Our routers use local cell towers to give you high speed, nationwide internet with stable connections and ultra-low ping rates. One of our routers, an active SIM and a power supply are all you need for fast internet that works for your lifestyle!

GotW3 C4R400 Wireless Router – $299.97

Our GotW3 proprietary units will enable you quick and easy access to our 4G LTE wireless network! The C4R400 is the base router provided with both our wireless plans – Urban and Rural. It functions portably and has 1 on-board Ethernet Out port.

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Cindy S.

Brownsville, OR

I’ve been in the country for like all 24 years of my life, I’ve NEVER got to experience Netflix or internet like this!

Maureen & Gregory D.

Dublin, TX

Works great, great speeds, easy to use. For rural locations and mobility it’s a great option. Worth it in the long run.

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